What is Supzy?

Supzy is a status update platform – a fun, easy, and powerful way to keep track of what you’re up to. With the Supzy app, get regular prompts to answer “What’s up?” and then get back to what you’re doing.

The Supzy app is:

  • Convenient – Choose how often Supzy will prompt you or just click the Supzy icon to make an update
  • Unobtrusive – Dismiss the app with one key or snooze it for a while
  • Free for personal use!

You own your data. That’s why we’re committed to handling it ethically:

  • We won’t sell your data
  • You control who sees your status updates – keep everything to yourself, or share any status with a group or the world
  • You always have access to a full copy on your desktop with the Supzy app
  • We use SSL encryption everywhere to help safeguard your privacy

What else can I do with Supzy?

  • Easy CSV exports for data import and analysis into Excel or other tools – create time slips or journal entries from your statuses
  • Synced and mobile – Access your history and enter new statuses from anywhere, on multiple devices
  • Share with the world – Push your statuses¬†to Twitter

How can my organization use Supzy?

Supzy makes it easy to see what everyone in your company or organization is doing. Create excitement, increase your billable hours, and improve project management. Getting started is simple:

  • Create a group for your company and invite members
  • Create group categories to organize your members’ status updates and let them share with the group without compromising their own privacy
  • Export aggregated data to CSV – compatible with leading third-party analytics tools for advanced analysis and reporting
  • Publish selected status updates to your public group profile or to Twitter for public relations or marketing

You can try group features for up to a week for free.

Want to use Supzy, but need to protect sensitive data? Supzy offers an enterprise virtual appliance that lets you keep all your data behind your organization’s firewall. Email us at questions@supzy.com for more information.

Need more information about Supzy? Visit the “I’m new to Supzy” FAQ to learn more.