Time? What’s the big deal?

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably seen your share of time management systems – and if you have access to Google, you can find a lot more. There are systems to enter time in your phone, by voice, by text, by email, online, offline, paper… There are even time systems now that just track what you’re doing in which piece of software and how much time you spent. It makes you start to wonder who is the one being used: the computer, or you?

Throughout the years, time management systems in general have all followed a similar format for recording an activity:

  1. At some particular time, (Start)
  2. I started doing this thing, (Details)
  3. I kept doing it until this other particular time. (Finish)

The figure below shows what this looks like:

Most time management systems.

Typically, getting useful data from this kind of time management system demands a couple of mentally intense things from its users. First, it requires the relentless commitment of the user to go “do the thing” they have to do to enter their time. That is, they must remember to open the web site, the program, or their phone and enter information about their activity. Secondly, they have to remember (or invent) the time period during which they were doing the specified task.

Is there a better way?

At Supzy, we think so. Whether you need to simply get a very detailed picture of what you do on a daily basis, create more accurate time sheets, share information with groups — it doesn’t matter. We believe that time management isn’t something that needs to be thought of at length, it just needs to be done. We want to provide you with the tools to get your data, and get out of your way.

The key to this system is incremental time management. Specifically, on the desktop at your custom-designated time increments, Supzy will ask you “What’s up?” All you have to do is quickly enter what you are doing now, and Supzy will get out of your way.

It’s simple, but it’s surprisingly effective. Our software on the desktop provides a minimal prompt that comes up in the middle of your work. You don’t have to use a mouse, or open a program – you just type, hit Enter [Return], and continue your work. Your data is instantly synced with the cloud, your other devices, or your groups. The result: you have more time to do the work or tasks you want to do, and more details about what was done. The diagram below shows how Supzy simplifies time management.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have provided simple and comfortable ways for us to share the public sides of our lives with each other. Supzy’s vision is to help you capture all of your data, not just what you want to share publicly — your own “bank account” of information that you can use in so many ways:

  • Capturing ideas
  • Completing time sheets
  • Connecting with team members
  • Promoting on social media
  • Bug reports
  • Personal journalling
  • Live blogging

We hope this has helped you discover a few of the possibilities Supzy brings you. Have fun!

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