March Madness: 50k

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This year we broke a new record — we’re excited to say that we’ve crossed the 50,000 updates mark.

This month, in March, we’re focusing on highlighting some of the many ways our users are utilizing Supzy as their preferred tool for personal status updates.

Social Media Boost

We’ve seen some users get a boost in their social media traffic using our simple method of personal status tracking. If your job is promotions, Supzy makes it easy to publish updates relevant to your cause — and it helps you capture those messages in the first place.

supzy_screenTake the example here. The Supzy admin team is doing some standard admin tasks and sees that we have crossed the 50,000 update mark. The Supzy desktop app pops up at the designated time and the team member quickly enters this important information: “Supzy has now served over 50,000 status updates!”

This entry (or “sup,” as we like to call it) is added to the specific Group for Supzy team members. From there, the team member who handles promotions, can review the sup, publish it (Make Public) to the Group Public Profile, or even push it to Twitter.


Every user and group can easily connect their Supzy account to their Twitter account by simply going to the Settings icon in the top right corner.

In the coming days, we’ll be adding much more functionality. In the meantime, we hope this gives you a few extra ideas on how to use Supzy to get the most out of your social media efforts.

Stay tuned!

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