Supzy Launched!

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In December 2012, we set out to create a better way to keep track of what we were up to. Almost two years later, we’re ready to share it with you.

If you’re like us, traditional time tracking probably frustrates you. You have to remember to manually start and stop projects, otherwise you find yourself at the end of a day (or worse, the end of a week or month) frantically trying to fill in missing pieces based on memories buried under mountains of new projects. Supzy is the result of asking “what if something popped up, asked me what I was doing, and got out of the way?” – that’s exactly what it does. In real-world tests, our users have improved their ability to bill for tracked time by more than 30%.

As an unexpected side effect, we realized that it’s also a perfect way to keep track of things and events that are important to you personally. We like the “status update” format that social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ use, but we don’t like the lack of privacy that comes along with it. Sometimes you want to make a note just for yourself – maybe later you’ll decide to share it, but with existing sites you don’t have a choice.

Supzy is, to our knowledge, the first pure status update platform – a new way to approach both of these issues. All of your status updates are initially private. You can choose to share them later if you want, or push them to social networking sites like Twitter. We give you the power to aggregate updates from multiple users into a single private feed for project purposes, and to make selected entries from aggregated feeds public to create excitement or share information. And at all times, you have a copy of your personal data and can easily convert it to CSV format.

For the past two years, we’ve tested and tweaked Supzy through personal use and with feedback from select individuals and businesses. We’ve seen Supzy help with time tracking, personal journals, logging health and fitness data – we even use it to share development progress with the Supzy team. We know you’ll come up with amazing new ideas and we’re excited to see what you do with us!

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